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Working with The Reyburn Group to Sell your home is a process that we want to make smooth and effortless.

The Reyburn team works off of a simple 6 step process that allows clients to fully understand the process of selling a home in Kentucky from start to finish. Our goal is to make the selling process seamless and transparent since we ensure our clients a good experience, and to receive the best price on their home.

Step 1: Initial Phone Call. During this initial phone call with The Reyburn Group the goal is to find out your selling requirements and expectations.

Step 2: Property Visit. After the initial phone call The Reyburn Group will schedule a brief visit to your property or a Facetime/Zoom call to have a visual assessment of the property. The Reyburn Group will provide you upgrade/repair suggestions during the home visit that will better prepare your home for the selling market.

Step 3: Deciding To Stage Or Not Stage Home. After the initial home visit The Reyburn Group will have further discussion with you about potentially professionally staging the home in order to increase the number of showings and increase the overall selling price of your home.

Step 4: Establishing a Selling price. The Reyburn Group will present you with current and recently closed home comparable that will allow you to understand the current value of your home. The Reyburn Group will provide you with his professional opinion of value based on your current home condition and based off of similar homes that have recently closed in the nearby area.

Step 5: Professional Photos/ Marketing plan. The Reyburn Group works with the best photography team in the Kentucky area that will make your home look like a premier home on a magazine cover! Our photographer will provide photos from all angles indoor/outdoor, as well as aerial drone photography, and sunset or evening shots if you desire. Upon receipt of the photos The Reyburn Group and his team will launch the listing to all the leading real estate website platforms such as MLS, Zillow, Redfin,, and much more!

Step 6: Client Comes First. Our goal through every step is to have our clients best interest be the main priority. We want to make sure our client is happy throughout the whole selling process, and The Reyburn team is there every second of the way to help.

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