Branding is very important to us. It is how we create content, unique to your property.  I am not a "stick a sign in the yard" type of realtor, we take marketing your property very seriously. And we're good at it!

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Local Exposure
  • A custom color property brochure will be created

  • Over 2000 just listed cards will be mailed to area residents

  • With the owner's permission, an Open House for the Entire Brokerage community will be held

  • With the owner's permission, a For Sale sign will be placed on the property

Your property will receive huge local exposure across Central Kentucky and to surrounding states

Print Advertising
  • An Ad with be placed in your local newspaper

  • Custom property postcards will be designed and mailed to the area

  • The property will be advertised in the MLS guide with a full-page color advertisement

The Property will be advertised in the MLS guide with a full page color advertisement

24/7 Internet Exposure
  • The property will be featured on 

    • Instagram​

    • Facebook

      • Both Maxine's personal page & Capital Property Investments page​

    • Twitter

    • LinkedIn

The property will be featured on this website and all Maxine's social media pages

  • The property will be featured on 



    • ​​






Media Opportunities
  • If the property holds and historic or cultural significance the property will feature a filmed interview with Maxine and the owner

  • A virtual tour, guided by Maxine will be filmed 

  • A drone video will be captured 

  • All will be posted on Capital Property Investment's website and Maxine's Youtube channel

Opportunity for the property to be featured on Maxine's Youtube channel